Saturday, December 3, 2011

New home, and we're recruting!

Hello, everypony!

Just wanted to make a post to let you all know that My Little Investigations now has a website!  You can find it here:

The website is named after the name we've given our development group, which is "Equestrian Dreamers".

I've ported over all the posts from this blog to the one on that site, so that pretty much makes this blog obsolete.  As such, this blog will no longer be updated after this post - all the types of posts that used to be made here will now be made over there.

In addition to that, we're now also recruiting for My Little Investigations!  You can find the recruitment section of our website here:

If anything there strikes your fancy, we heartily encourage you to apply!

Thanks to everypony for their support thus far, and we hope to see you soon at the new site!


  1. Okay, while the new site looks great and everything i don´t like that you have to post your email, this one was doing just fine for me, and you havent had any problems with disruptive people on this blog either so i don´t see why you felt the need to make the email field a must to fill in. I hope you´ll change that, i don´t care about you guys not giving out our emails to third parties and whatever, i don´t feel i should have to give it out just to post a quick question etc. Hope you´ll reconsider that.


    Remember the release date being in 2008?


    Can you at least release a demo of the game that we can play? I have been dying for this game for sometime and it makes me mad that you have more time making videos about it than creating the game itself.


  3. @Anonymous 12:07 PM

    Uhhh, huh? I don't know what game you're thinking of, but this game's development only started in mid-July of 2011; I can assure you it never had a release date of 2008.