Thursday, September 29, 2011

Still in progress


I haven't been posting here for a while.  This was for a variety of reasons, and I first want to assure people that one of those reasons is most assuredly not that I'm getting bored or tired of this project.  I was away for a weekend, then I had company over for a week, and I obviously wouldn't have been a very good host to work on a project while they were here, and then I had some long days at work - I'm a software engineer, so naturally a long day of programming at work will sometimes make me not want to do more programming when I come home.  And then I had more company over last weekend too.

That said, all of that has now passed, and the project is now well underway again.  Which brings me to another reason why I haven't made any posts yet like usual: the territory we're now getting into for this game.  The gameplay aspects of this game that are borrowed from Ace Attorney Investigations (or other sources) are now all implemented.  Boom.  Done.  But that doesn't mean that the gameplay itself is completely implemented, on account of the fact that we also have some brand new gameplay elements specifically designed for this game (three, to be exact) that ZeusAssassin and I have been cooking up that have still yet to be implemented.

Why is this a reason why no posts have been made?  Well, the reason there is basically just expectation control - since the designs of these gameplay features are still potentially in flux, I don't want to post screenshots or something similar and then find out that I'll need to change them.  Promising something that you don't deliver is way worse than not promising something.  So I've been holding these closer to the chest than previous gameplay features I've been implementing.

That said, however, one of those three gameplay features is well underway now, and hopefully should be ready in a few days' time.  Watch this space!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Engine demo - Locations


This video took way longer than I had expected it would take, but it's finally ready to be shown.  This time, we're looking at locations, and all the things associated with them.  A full explanation may be found in the video, so I'll just post it:

For those curious, a full explanation of the items found in this video appears after the break.